Company details & management

The UK office address is located at 15 Rathbone Street London W1T 1NB, United Kingdom. Beyond The Story Limited was founded in July 2005 as TradeMobile Ltd (TML) in New Zealand. It was renamed Beyond The Story Limited in 2012. It’s a limited liability company incorporated in New Zealand and registered at New Zealand Companies’ Office (no. 1637316). Its New Zealand registered office is Plaza Level, Axa Building, 41 Shortland Street, Auckland, New Zealand. (Please do not use this address for correspondence.) In London it is registered at Companies House in the UK as an Overseas Company (no. SF000990).

Our people

  • Jen Porter


    Leading new business development and investment for the company since inception, Jen focuses on developing creative partnerships with publishers and film companies to maximize their return. Prior to co-founding BeyondTheStory, Jen was a senior marketing communications strategist advising both the private and government sectors. She is a former New Zealand sports representative; holder of a private pilot’s licence and has a Masters of International Relations from Victoria University of Wellington

  • Sally Duckworth

    Sally Duckworth CHAIR

    Sally is a former accountant, banker and venture capitalist who has been pro-actively working with start-ups since 1998, typically either as part of the Board or management team. She has helped set up a range of businesses, and most recently exited a software business with Robert Kay in 2012. Sally has an MA from Oxford University and MSc from Imperial College, London

  • Kirk Bowe


    Kirk developed one of the first social bookmarking tools the rights of which were sold to InfoSpace. He co-devised the music industry’s first consumer relationship marketing system for BMG and more recently developed an integrated CRM solution for Universal Music. Kirk spearheads the company’s direction in digital entertainment platforms and is creating the vision for the BTS platform.  At the heart of Kirk’s vision is his quest to bring authors and readers closer together, providing writers, publishers and other creative professionals with a new channel through which to expand and share their work. Kirk has Masters degrees in Computer Science and Psychology.

  • Darrin Wortlehock

    Darrin Wortlehock Chief Software Engineer

    Darrin has been developing innovative solutions using web technologies since 1996. He has developed content management and web delivery platforms for clients including Channel 7, Three, Barclays Bank, JP Morgan Asset Management, Sky Television, BBC, and Deutsche Bank. Darrin is passionate about quality in software development and is particularly interested in the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails web framework.

  • Charlie Gillespie

    Charlie Gillespie Senior Art Director

    Charlie is an accomplished digital artist with over 15 years experience in the computer games industry and many years of published work as an illustrator. He has led teams and created graphics on various platforms from Playstation one, Xbox to the iPad and iPhone. He has produced artwork for Micro Maniacs, Mike Tyson Boxing, Burn Zombie Burn, Call of Duty, Transformers, Lara croft Guardians of Light and Wipeout in the gaming world plus created artwork for 2000AD, Judge Dredd, Magic the Gathering and various comic books fantasy magazines. Charlie is fluent in Maya, 3Dmax, ZBrush, Unity, Photoshop and uses most computer graphic software to create compelling 3D characters, environments, animations and visual effects for a wide range of products. Charlie has a Degree in Illustration and backs up his computer graphics knowledge with strong traditional drawing and painting skills.

  • Jane Pollitt

    Jane Pollitt Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

    Jane’s career has spanned the private and public sectors specialising in aligning HR and organisational development activity with long-term strategy and vision. Jane has extensive experience in managing teams and complex projects, budgets and implementing internal processes and policy controls. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Victoria University of Wellington.

  • Bertie De Margary


    Bertie is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has six years’ experience working in a city accountancy firm, where he acted as a financial controller for various VC backed companies as well as providing a full accountancy service to a number of clients in the technology sector. Bertie has a Bachelor of Business Administration.